Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Ubii's Physiotherapy with Hello Kitty

Dear my Aubrey,

It was the 20th of June when you took your regular physiotherapy. So, that day, you wore your mommy's favorite outfit. HELLO KITTY. Hahaha. Of course with the Hello Kitty beanie as well. You looked incredibly cute, as always. Mbak Nia, your therapist, also said that you looked adorable. Well, you know, you combined with Hello Kitty = perfection!

Okay, forget the Hello Kitty. That day you performed such an amazing activity on your physiotherapy. You were so cooperative and cheerful. Thanks Ubii, you made mommy and daddy so happy and thankful that day. Usually, you start crying in the middle of your exercise, then stop crying when Mbak Nia starts to massage your feet, but then start crying again when she massages your hands. It's alright. Mommy understands how painful that might be since your hands are still stiff. Your feet were stiff too and when they were, you always cried when they were massaged. So just hang on baby. Your hands will get better, too. Believe me!

Dear Ubii,

Here, let mommy show you your pictures while you're doing the physiotherapy:

How you looked on the Hello Kitty outfit. Adorable, don't you think?

Your doing the exercise to sit and roll.

Mommy knows that mommy has said it before, but let mommy say it once again. Thank you Ubii for doing so great that day and making us proud of you. You are my precious jewel. You always are. Mommy loves you so too much.

Much love,

Your lucky mother,

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  1. Ah Ubii....gemesin pake outfit hello kitty, bude minjem ahhh !

    1. Ih Budhe, ternyata suka Hello Kitty juga? :p